BILB has now partnered with YOGA Revelation to bring you not just Naachfit but also yoga & more.

How does this work?
- There will be 2 payment plans to choose from!
1. $60 - WEEKLY 5 Dancefitness classes / month
2. $89 - unlimited YOGA and Dancefitness classes / month
If you don’t want to do a monthly option, you can sign up for:
1. Drop ins of $7 each!
2. $125- 10 class pass!


1. Is  naachfit going to be separate from this merger classes with yoga rev ?
Ans: No. All naachfit classes are being merged with yoga rev .There won’t be a separate Naachfit class.

2.whats is the difference between naachfit and the dance fitness classes mentioned in the new payment plans ?
out of 5 days a week of dance fitness classes 3days the classes are provided by benditlikebollywood and rest 2 days the classes are provided by another company.

Both the classes are Bollywood fitness but might differ in the ways of teaching  style , usage of songs ,usage of props .
other two classes are of 1hr each where as the Classes provided by BILB will still remain 45min /class

3. What about my current autopayments ?
All current autopayments have been cancelled as the new payment mode is through YOGA REVs mind body app .
Attaching a video on how to sign up !

- enter YOGA REVELATION in search box 

4.Does the zoom link for classes change?
Same zoom link is going to be used for the classes by BILB's  instructors .
You can find the zoom links for Bolly fit classes in the respective class slots in the mind body application.

5.Is there change in timings for naachfit with yoga rev ?
Days shall remain the same .
Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:15pm
Saturday 10-10:45am
For the schedule of other classes refer the link here : ( you can also sign up from here) Refer the video in this page on how to sign up!

6.What are the other classes provided under this merger?
Ans: There is an option to choose a plan with Yoga classes as Bollywood fitness classes .

7.When is this merger effective from ?

Ans:JUNE 1st onwards

8.When should I apply for June onwards classes ?

Ans: you can sign up now and select start date to be June 1st!

Review video for sign up. (You are all set for May if you are currently enrolled with BILB)

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Purchasing a Daance Fitness Membership

Enrolling for class after getting a membership

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