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5 Things to Do During the Pandemic

Updated: May 11, 2020

So here we are in May 2020 and about two months of lockdown/self quarantine. We really hope you are practicing safe habits and staying indoors. Two months of staying inside can be rough, as it is, but if you have kids, it's whole different story. Here are few things you could do to make your time at home enjoyable and a little less boring.

1. Play indoor games.

We really do believe that board and card games are where it's at. A few of our favorite board games are Sequence, Mancala, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, and Carrom. You can choose which game to play based on your group's age range. Card games like Phase 10 and Skip Bo are easy to play and we rarely  get tired of them. We also cannot recommend Jenga enough for you. It involves arranging 54 wooden blocks and things can get pretty intense . If you do not have any of the above, you can still play games like Hangman and charades. If you have a yard, there are plenty of outdoor games available, too.

2. Coloring Kids love coloring no doubt, but adults can color too. There are tons of coloring books available for all ages and skill levels. They are proven to improve your mood, concentration, and overall brain health. Amazon has plenty available for you to choose from.

3. Learn a skill.

This is a great time to learn that one skill you have always wanted to. Sewing, water color painting, photography, macramé, calligraphy—the possibilities are endless. You can learn from hundreds of videos available online. Stores like Michaels & Jo-Ann offer online classes, including some free options. Show off the new skills your learn on your social media or share with your friends.

4. Attend online classes. If you are a tech enthusiast or want to improve your business, it’s the perfect time to sign up for an online course to learn coding or marketing. Websites like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, or YouTube can certainly be your learning source. Take advantage of the lessons being offered from individuals and businesses around the world. Online  yoga and meditation classes are also popular right now. Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube is our favorite yogi.

Check out our online dance classes here You can also email us at to have a chat with us to select a suitable class for you or your child .

5. Exercise

If you are a beginner, contact a local gym to

check if they offer personal training virtually. It's a great place to start. If you prefer dance fitness, look no further than our NAACHFIT classes. We offer up to 12 classes every month where you can dance and exercise to popular Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood songs. If you are interested, email us at for more information.

It is also important to take things slowly and not jump into too many things at once. Do some thinking and practice healthy habits that will benefit you and your family. Lets come out of this pandemic sane and stronger!


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